Dragon Shield Perfect Fit Clear Sideload Sleeves (100)

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Lägg till perfect fit sideloaders för maximalt kortskydd. Perfect Fit Sideloader-sleeves skyddar topparna och botten på dina kort för maximal kortsäkerhet och sitter ordentligt i alla Dragon Shields i standardstorlek.

- 100 innersleeves per förpackning.
- För kort som mäter upp till 63 × 88 mm (2½ ”x3½”).
- Syra- och PVC-fria.
- 60 μm kvalitetstjocklek.

    Naluapo, Wave Breaker

    On the shores of many worlds, the waves seem to crash in tune with some unknown metronome in the deep, making every 9th wave particularly violent. On Arcania that metronome is believed to be the beating wings of Naluapo sailing by somewhere far below.

    In spite of his terrifying piscine appearance, Naluapo is a benevolent dragon worshipped by fishermen of the shores. He is offered some of the day’s catch in return for calming the surf when the boat heads in for the beach. On some days however, no offering can calm Naluapo. On days like that, less foolhardy fishermen choose to return to the open sea and spend the night on their boats.

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