Dragon Shield Perfect Fit Smoke Sealable Sleeves (100)

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Clear front & smoky back. Semi-transparent color hides details of your card spine while maintaining full legibility.

Perfect Fit Sealable offers full four-way protection and makes resleeving your cards easier than ever.

- 100 inner sleeves per pack
- Full four-way protection
- No glue
- For cards measuring up to 63 × 88 mm (2½”x3½”).
- Acid and PVC free
- 60 μm quality thickness.

    Yarost, Blood Devil

    Maeve had never seen the general like this. General Samson was known for his ruthlessness, but he always knew when a battle couldn't be won. “More but!” he screamed. “We need more men!” Maeve watched as hundreds more charged. Dead men, all. The battle had raged for two days and corpses on both sides were piled into fleshy barricades. Fires burned as catapults flung firebrands across the expanse, lacing the air with the smell of burnt flesh and sulphur. "More," General Samson said quietly. “Yarost demands more.” He's possessed, Maeve realized as Yarost, Blood Devil formed from sulfuric clouds above. Samson ran towards him.

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