Dragon Shield Perfect Fit Smoke Sleeves (100)

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Dragon Shield Smoke Perfect Fit. Tydlig front & rökig baksida. Halvtransparent rygg döljer detaljer om dina kort medan du behåller full läsbarhet.

  • 100 sleeves per förpackning
  • Mått 63 x 88mm
  • Syra- and PVC-fri

Fuligo the Foul Phoenix

The morning broke to a vista of total destruction. Eight columns of smoke painted the sky an ominous grey – one column for each of the dragon defense settlements of the Western Territories. Heavy ash clouds had blotted out the moon that night, as if to hide the attacker from the watchful ballistas.

Fuligo the Foul Phoenix is a massive ashen dragon with a mysterious life cycle. Rising out of the embers of his own dead flames, the life and fury of Fuligo usually lasts a single day. It is believed that only finding and extinguishing his embers can stop the dragon from emerging anew.

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Magnus Djurberg
Mycket väl mött

Jag beställde några perfect fit plastfickor och fick med ett paket av en dylik produkt jag kunde pröva med. Superbra och snabb service!

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