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When you didn't think you could be outdone anymore, you get your legs knocked out from under you. So on Thursday, Wizards of the Coast announced that they opened an unknown number of untouched Legends displays and mixed the cards into new Dominaria Collector Packs.

Where do the Legends packs come from?

According to Wizards of the Coast, the pristine displays found in the cases come from a warehouse that was slated to close. It was when Wizards was recovering their products that they came across the forgotten displays from 1994.

How rare will they be?

Wizards says the cards only come in Dominaria Collector Packs and appear in 3% of the packs. You therefore need to buy 34 packs or three displays to get one card on average.

Want to get a complete set? Then you need to buy 930 displays and hope you avoid duplicates.

When is Dominaria United released?

Dominaria United is released on September 9 and has Pre-release starting on September 2.

You can pre-order Dominaria United from Invasion Games today here :

Dominaria united

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