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We have fumbled and pondered, gone in circles and scratched our heads about how we can make it a little more fun and above all how we can give more value to you who shop with us. It became Invasion Rewards.

Invasion Rewards is a loyalty program that gives you Invasion Coin and Mana on everything you trade and complete in challenge mode.

We are now in the process of installing and making sure everyone gets rewards for their purchases retroactively. This may take a few days, but you will receive your points.

We will also spice up the different levels over time based on the feedback we get from you. Do you have suggestions? Let's hear!

Below we explain the concepts a bit:

Invasion Coin:

This is the "currency" you earn on everything you buy (Equivalent to between 2% and 5% cash back depending on what Level you are). You then exchange the Invasion Coin for discounts on your future purchases.


Mana is points you earn for everything you buy and also for challenges you get. It is the Mana that determines which level you belong to. Earn more mana to climb the level and get through it more Invasion Coin.


A challenge is like a milestone that you have to achieve to get a reward which can be both Invasion Coin and Mana.

How long are Invasion Rewards valid for?

Everything you have earned is reset to zero after 24 months, continuously.

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